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Nature Animals Travel

Bio 🍃 Explore wildlife🐅 🐯 Most beautiful animals in the world ❤️ I love my followers 📩 DM for Credit

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Hitching a ride🐊 Follow @naturee for more!⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Tag someone that should see this!👇 🎥 DM for credit

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She saved a hummingbird from dehydration! 😭🙏🏼 . 🎥 Credit: @theellenshow

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This baby lemon shark wasn’t going to let a little dry land come between it and it’s lunch! 😱🦈🍽 via @oceanmaldives 🤙

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Monster leachie! 😯😍 ..................................... From📸: @geckopods

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Rhino horns are going for $250,000 on the black market it’s so bad to the point people are breaking into museums to steal rhino horns and elephant tusks are going for 1,500 a kilo and the average tusks is about 10 kilos plus ! They are being killed off at an alarming rate to extinction! We will be flying to Africa next month to get up close and personal with these animals and of course the problem ! AFRICA SEE YOU SOON ❤️ @docantle Credit: @therealtarzann

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💬 Would you take the trash out? . 🐐 "Take out the trash or Ima sneeze on ya" I would've just caved and took it out because this goat just costed me 5 boxes of Kleenex. ___________ 🎥 Credit: @skizzlemanizzle

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God bless this lady that saved a neighbor’s cat dangling from their window. ___________ 🎥 Credit: @instact54

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Chimpanzee brothers reunited after a long separation. Credit: @heyscan @cuteness

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Via @jklamlam - Keep going mommy 🍃🐑💓

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Now that’s dedication for the perfect shot! 📸🌊 Would you do this? 🤔 Via @clarklittle 🤙

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Unicorn cloud🦄 by @smilecloudsusa

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Watch till the end😱 This dog ate poison and was saved by this kind woman using two eggs. A simple cure to a poisoned dog or cat. I’ve seen this method before in overseas countries and I still don’t underhand why it works. Via- @yazminluv_ .