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Bio A progressive hockey management & training company, Innovative Methods Driving Performance, North America-Europe-Asia & Development Coach Timra IK

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Great night with @providencehockeyclub groups - it was “Small Game Skill Night” - started with 15 minutes of skating review with pucks, while our friend @spagsies of @rihockeyacademy worked the goalies...then it was 3 sets of small games - Game 1 Activator - starts 1 v 1 and teammates can join when the puck comes to their line - Game 2 Fireman’s 3 on 3, using the firehoses with 1 player each inside players must “sauce” the puck to teammate and get a return “sauce” to go from O to D score either net...Game 3 2 v 2 transition, where you can score on either net (ran out of goalies) but you must problem solve and get puck to the next man in your line & return pass to go O to and coaches were great - lots of fun - lots of chatter - compete and kids moving!

Gotta love @mike_lombardi8 and his 1st @ncaaicehockey goal for 7-2 ranked @qu_mih using the old open hips / 10-2 move he’s worked so hard on! Last year in I’m watching him play & he enters & sets up a PPG with a left inside edge move low (posted then) & now this!!! Great job and congrats Mike!!! Always believed in you!!! Keep it up and thanks to all who have helped develop him along the way! @kimballunion

 Instagram Image by OverSpeed Hockey (@overspeedhockey) with caption : "Thank you!!! On this November 11th more than others as the world marks 100 years since the ending of WWI, thank you also" at Newport, Rhode Island - 1910256522676658606

Thank you!!! On this November 11th more than others as the world marks 100 years since the ending of WWI, thank you also to all our friends around the world that have given the ultimate sacrifice to stand with our great country to keep the world safe, free and create peace for all...

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EVERY DAY here @timra_ik there is some type of small games...with the it was a 1v1 - 2v2 - 3v3 progressions!!! Every day small games and the guys love it!

Got this message last night from this guy - @carterbailey33 how cool is that! Except he beat @chezwik26 & the @sunvalleyyouthhockey midgets in that final 🤷‍♂️...junior teams & prep teams take notice he’d be a great addition!!! ————- Hey, this is Carter Bailey from the Sun Valley Overspeed camp, I just wanted to let you know how helpful the things you guys taught me this summer were to the advancement of my game this season. I recently won the CAN/AM Las Vegas tournament with the Idaho Falls Eagles AA team for the midget division, and only gave up two goals the whole tournament. I have seen a significant improvement in my confidence since before the summer started, and I would highly attribute it to the 10 days I spent working at the camp, dialing in my game. Just wanted to say thanks for the great job, and all the help you guys provided!! @rihockeyacademy @ifyha @campionicehouse

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Good luck to many of our @ncaaicehockey Division II & III players as they kick off their seasons this week!!! You’ve earned it!!! Enjoy the moments!!!

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I look forward to being able to come to @timra_ik a great deal...this visit I have been able to work with the A Team @shlofficial (pro), both junior teams @timraik_j20 @tikj18 & the 04’s, 06’s, 07’s & 08’s...what a great experience & cross section of development!!! Looking forward to another good week!!!

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Who wants to play hockey?!?!?! Nothing beats an empty - new sheet of ice in the morning!!! Looks like @nhkhallkapell

 Instagram Image by OverSpeed Hockey (@overspeedhockey) with caption : "Great start to the day with the @timra_ik youth players - today it was the 08’s - then right to the pros!!! These guys a" at Timrå - 1901575419736452382
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Great start to the day with the @timra_ik youth players - today it was the 08’s - then right to the pros!!! These guys are spending 2 of their fall vacation days working a “mini camp”...2 days - 4 ice sessions - 1 physical training session - 1 talk from the @timra_ik pro players - skating session - pizza party and an SHL game tonight...great kids, great coaching staff!!! Thanks for having me and thanks for the great effort guys!!!! Have fun at the game tonight!

Congrats go out to this guy on a big weekend!!! Our friend @jamesmello2 of the @rihockeyacademy - our partners for all our goalie training - first on his induction to the @dartmouthcollege @dartmouth_mih Hall of Fame and then for popping the big question!!! Heard she said yes too!!! Need more weekends like that in life! Best to you James!

 Instagram Image by OverSpeed Hockey (@overspeedhockey) with caption : "Woooooohoooooo Baby!!! Red Sox win!!!!! Nice job up there Grandpa - 4 in 14 years since you started managing from above!" at Frankfurt Airport - 1900613304347493997

Woooooohoooooo Baby!!! Red Sox win!!!!! Nice job up there Grandpa - 4 in 14 years since you started managing from above!!! I’m sure you and Gram are dancing somewhere tonight!!! Love you guys!!! ???

Looking forward to the next two weeks working with some great players at the Pro, Junior & Youth level in Sweden with two first class organizations @timra_ik & @sundsvall_hockey - every time I come over I leave with more knowledge and friendships...hopefully we leave making everyone feel they have become a little bit better too!!!

A little inside edge work this week with the @banditsboston then the “daily test”...foundations are the key, doing basic work the right way many times to get the cognitive process tied to the physical process...the “test” is then to finish the day, by putting it all together, we go 3 speeds, 1/2 - 3/4 - Full - the idea is that at 1/2 we think about what we are doing, at 3/4 the focus begins to be at the speed, at full speed our brains sometimes get scrambled & we revert back to our old habits...we want the players to be the BEST COACHES, they need the cognitive connection of changing their habits, so we tell them before each speed change “COACH YOURSELF” to perform in the way you want & have worked at... @banditsboston

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Another good morning here!!! For the past two seasons I have had the honor & pleasure to work with @timra_ik first in the @hockeyallsvenskan_official which they won & now in the @shlofficial - in 2018 they had 3 @nhl draft picks selected and this morning it’s announced that two of them @filiphallander_ @olofssoon were selected for the @iihfworldjuniors couldn’t be happier for two great young players and better yet, great young people who have very bright futures in front of them!!! Congrats to the players and to a first class organization for doing such a great job! GOOD LUCK!!! @penguins @canadiensmtl

Great night with @providencehockeyclub - last night of Inside Edges Part I - working in open hip skating...mixed in small area games (common man with coach) to make them think and compete and have fun - @rabsy14 talking about the new ways to look at shooting and some @rihockeyacademy goalie a good practice of skill - skating - hockey IQ for 35 kids and all having fun!!! Thanks coaches for all the help!!! @usahockey

Finding your Glide Platform is vital to carrying your speed - here we work on glide with great balance - posture - core stability...simple thought process - if it makes sense do it! @pomfret_hockey @willistonhockey @rihitmen

Great day on the ice today with players from @pomfret_hockey @willistonhockey @rihitmen ...working on foundational movements today and built into inside we focus on Extension, Glide Platform, balance, posture...fundamentals - not social media the best foundation and everything else will be easier!!! Great work today guys - Thanks! Thanks @rabsy14 for all the work on shooting too!!! Catch him at the @rihockeyacademy for private lessons! @nepsac @nzprephockey