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Sally Warring

Bio πŸ”¬πŸŽ₯ Documenting the single cellular life of New York City (and occasionally beyond), one pond at a time.

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 Instagram Image by Sally Warring (@pondlife_pondlife) with caption : "This is a submerged flower pot from the lily pools in the @brooklynbotanic garden. It’s covered with a beautiful biofilm" at Brooklyn Botanic Garden - 1825565674791836092

This is a submerged flower pot from the lily pools in the @brooklynbotanic garden. It’s covered with a beautiful biofilm: a community of microorganisms coating a surface. . Biofilms are everywhere, in our ponds lakes and rivers, in the soil, in ice, and on your teeth! Dental plaque is an example of a biofilm. . I have a new blog post up on the @brooklynbotanic blog describing how you can spot biofilms and other microbial communities in the world around you, without needing a microscope. Link is in my stories. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š


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Bacteria! Two different species! Do you see them both? One is shaped like a tube: long, thing, straight. They are clustering together in a wee ball. The other is also long and thin but is also spiraled and moving frantically. All are clustering around a bit of pond detritus. Something here must be attracting them, some thing good to eat no doubt.


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Dear all. I love microbes and I love sharing their wonderful ways with all of you here. I do this to share the wonder and excitement I feel when I’m observing these micro wildernesses, to make microbiology accessible, and for the microbes themselves, as I think they deserve more screen time than they get! . This video is my entry for the 2018 @bbcearth Presenter Search! @bbcearth’s television content was a huge source of inspiration for me as a kid, and for @pondlife_pondlife. I’d love to work with them to continue to bring fantastic science content to screen. This video was shot in @prospect_park by my husband @arthurmeek, and the wonderful music is by the very talented @andrewkeoghan. . Thank you all for watching! πŸ’š

 Instagram Image by Sally Warring (@pondlife_pondlife) with caption : "Why am I here? What am I doing? What is all that green stuff on the wall? You can find the answers to these deep questio" at Manhattan, New York - 1806226633054329658
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Why am I here? What am I doing? What is all that green stuff on the wall? You can find the answers to these deep questions in my highlights. Check them out! Spoiler: it’s Pondlife! πŸ’š

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Algae on agar.

 image by Sally Warring (@pondlife_pondlife) with caption : "Green algae growing on an agar plate." - 1804662933163993434
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Green algae growing on an agar plate.

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Here is something interesting I often see in my microbial cultures: a green alga cell surrounded by bacteria. The little wormy things are the bacteria. I assume what’s going on here is that the alga is releasing something, sugars etc, that the bacteria are attracted to. So they cluster in this way. If you have ideas let me know in the comments! πŸ’š

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It’s not every day that you get to see a microscopic predator seek out and devour its prey. But this week you get to see it twice in two days! Here is Collodictyon triciliatum chowing down on two green alga cells. The predator here has to work fast to fend off others. The video is sped up six times, in real time this process took about 6 minutes.

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People. It’s tough out there. This green alga knows just how tough it can get. See it here getting slowly devoured by a single cellular predator called Collodictyon triciliatum. It gets ingested slowly as the Collodictyon wraps its cell membrane around the algae. It will get digested even more slowly over the next few days. Yum. . This microbe, C. triciliatum, is one that I have in culture. If you watched my stories earlier in the year I was detailing how we were going about trying to isolate this cell and identify it. And to do that one of the things we had to do was find out what it likes to eat. Here we confirm that we successfully identified its food source 😁. . These single cellular predators are common in freshwater. This one was isolated from Central Park. We were able to identify it as C. triciliatum by sequencing its 18s rRNA gene and comparing that sequence to the many millions that are stored in databases. But that’s a story for another day, for today, we can just enjoy watching it stuff its face.

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Recently I’ve been experimenting with filming pond ecosystems in different ways. Here is one such experiment. A pond. In cross section. Filmed with an @canonusa macro lens rather than a microscope. There are some filamentous green algae, and a worm, worming its way about.

Did you know I have a solo exhibition on display at @brooklynbotanic right now! I documented the microbial life living in the garden ponds last summer, and now you can go and see images and videos of the beautiful organisms on display. The exhibit will be up until March 2019. Thanks to @brooklynbotanic and @bretthardingart for helping me to get it all together and onto the walls. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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A Heliozoan in the process of becoming two Heliozoa, with music by @andrewkeoghan. 🌞