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Heavy but highly informative 3 day block on campus again for the masters degree. Lots to learn and unfortunately lots to do now😬 also on a side note thanks to @claraghconnor & @marty_rj_houston for sorting my kicking technique out


People have always said I look like Tupac and now I know why. Uncanny


It’s hard to beat a few ‘caught off guard photos’ to highlight your best angles 😂 Very happy to have had the opportunity to speak to the various professors and students present about all things sport science and strength & conditioning at the Transatlantic Education Symposium held in Bundoran at the weekend. A great event with some diverse topics discussed !


The last few days have been tough coming to terms with @nikobres starting to look forward to the Donegal Rally. You think you know someone

Great end to 2018, best of luck to everyone in 2019. Carpe Diem 😆

 image by Ryan Mc Laughlin (@ryan__mc__laughlin) with caption : "The 27th - the hump day of Christmas celebrations 🐫 🎄" - 1945037244058309326

The 27th - the hump day of Christmas celebrations 🐫 🎄


6 weeks ago we all got handed fancy pieces of paper confirming we are smart, fast forward to today where I’m back into the all too familiar habit of references and confused facial expressions

A cool ‘extended weekend’ with cool people👌 now to knuckle down for an intensive few days of lectures back in Jordanstown 😬😬

 Instagram Image by Ryan Mc Laughlin (@ryan__mc__laughlin) with caption : "Hate when I end up third wheeling with @nikobres and @kiwee19 🙃" at Le tricycle - 1929362872893168937
Le tricycle ReportShareDownload379

Hate when I end up third wheeling with @nikobres and @kiwee19 🙃


Quick video with some coaching points on the barbell RDL. These pointers can be used with a range of hip dominant / hinge movements 👍

Sometimes you just have to live on the wild side


Special mention to footballer Gemma I’ve been working with behind the scenes for the last while , brilliant athlete with a big future 👌


Contrast training , a simple yet effective training method to aid strength and power, ideal for in season. Contrast training consists of a loaded exercise followed by a light or unloaded exercise. This type of training also supports the PAP (post-activation potentiation) theory.


Always cool to get away from it all 🏐🏋️‍♂️

Ards Friary ReportShareDownload046

Some quare and good views at Ards Friary.. even if it was pitch black at 5 in the evening

Another solid performance put in by these fellas today in our last group game of the MacRory Cup 👍

Not smiling is also an art form.

Some of the main movement patterns used across all gym based program’s. •Horizontal Upper Body Push •Horizontal UB Pull •Vertical UB Push •Vertical UB Pull •Squat Pattern (bi & unilateral) •Hinge Pattern (bi & unilateral) These are some of the main and most commonly seen movement patterns out there, missing are; •Rotational •Diagonal •Anti lateral flexion •Anti flexion •Anti rotation •Anti extension Also good to note that while these exercises fall into each movement category, there are so many variations of each movement pattern that can be applied due to aims and abilities, there is no one size fits all solution.