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When you're bored so you make your local skatepark in Skate 3 . . . . . .


Today I re-learnt - ollie - shuvit/ pop and normal - milkshake - body varial to revert Brand new trick - frontside 180 I was super chuffed with my progress today yo 👌 starting to actually be able to do a few small basics . . .


Busting out the board again . . . . .

 image by Katie (@skatiedoobydoo) with caption : "Peak attractiveness .
#transgirl #transgender #lgbtq" - 1986302913560269657

Peak attractiveness . . . . .

 image by Katie (@skatiedoobydoo) with caption : "Sky tonight was beautiful
#nature #sunset #sky #clouds #view #sun #trees #hippy #chill" - 1966940282336725616
 image by Katie (@skatiedoobydoo) with caption : "Managed to clean the room entirely today. Have been enjoying WoW and have been enjoying Siege a bit again, new ops are p" - 1963258617345269535

Managed to clean the room entirely today. Have been enjoying WoW and have been enjoying Siege a bit again, new ops are pretty fun. . . .


Normally I do the hippy thing so I attempted a more emo thing. I dug out one of my hoodies from college 👌 it's a style I've always loved. Been thinking of dyeing my hair, not sure what colour would look good though. . . . . .

 image by Katie (@skatiedoobydoo) with caption : "Somehow I haven't posted this photo even though it's one of my favourites. Been thinking of maybe tryna grow this whole " - 1961018296553003350

Somehow I haven't posted this photo even though it's one of my favourites. Been thinking of maybe tryna grow this whole social media thing. Might start up a YouTube channel talking about whatever and I also wanna make my insta/ photos into something. . What are your thoughts? . .


Trying to pick up yoga as a new habit/ hobby. It's hard as shit 👌 but I've got hope it will help out with my overall health, hopefully after 20 years alive I will finally touch my toes for once or go for a slight jog without dying. It's also fun, and my butt looks great doing it 😚 stay chill and keep positive . . . .


I wear the same stuff pretty much on repeat. I wouldn't call myself a minamilist or something similar. I like to create a certain aesthetic or image that shows parts of who I am through my style and personality. I get pretty deep into "phases" in my life. I've always worn the coolest hoodies I can find from super emo ones to the hippy ones I wear now, one of my favourite hoodies is a Toothless the dragon one. . Some of my favourite looks have been skater, emo, hippy and hipster but I have always combined them in with an overall liking of feminine/ female style. Skater shoes and converse in particular have always been a favourite and my current 2 pairs (one shown in todays photos) are staple items of my style at the moment. I sadly only own a single skirt and I wear it most days with plain black leggings and a plain shirt. It's a simple repetitive look but I enjoy having a recognisable look associated with me as it is my version of writing an autobiography in a way (strange metaphor I know). I believe that everyones style/ look can tell you a huge amount about someone. . . .


I don't really ever speak about my feelings towards my body or what shakes up dysphoria but I've always disliked my upper body and shoulders in general. It's becoming a more common occurrence that I feel like an actual woman despite what my body says and what those around me say. I'm staying as positive as I can and want others to do the same. Super cheesy ik 👌 . . . .


Keeping it chill. Hope you all are enjoying the shitty weather. I've been thinking of ways to make my Insta a bit more interesting than just selfies. I want to get a bit more spiritual and philosophical with some of my posts. I'm a big fan of the occult (witchcraft is one example) and I like thinking about weird questions. . Was talking last night to the significant other discussing "what is a god?" My answer was "A god exists in a similar way a brand, like Coco-Cola or Nike, has influence in the way people change their lives". People will follow a brand in similar ways to that of worship. We also discussed how gods are original archetypes, I described it as "the first celebrities". Gods were seen as a role model, a figure to base yourself off of. . Most of this conversation was while I was stoned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . .


Decided to see what I could make out of a bad background and a chair. I love posting selfies rn 😋 What do you all think I should do with my photos? 📷 . Life's been showing it's shares of ups and downs the last few days. Illness is at a peak rn, I have a cold and my IBS is causing all sorts of stomach issues... Not really giving a fuck as usual though 😚 Recently hit 100 followers, I'm not expecting any major brand deals but it's nice to see progress and support from everyone. Love you all, stay chill xoxo . .


Selfies in front of the mirror is getting a bit boring. Posting pics keeps my spirits up. Decided to try some poses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ love wearing all black apart from a few items, really draws attention to the hoodie, shoes and stuff like that. Only really have the one skirt (I wash it) but I love it. Git gud scrubs 👌 stay positive ☮ . . . .