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Sreetama Bagchi

Bio I believe in moments -- frame by frame -- their colours I treasure, emotions I cherish, memoirs I paint.. Artist | Dog's Best Friend | Student of Life

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From confident, yet skeptical sputtering barks as a puppy so that he can check what his new hoomans are all about, to full on scolding sessions for both @pixeles_ and I, Masala Baby is the 'Man of the House' around which our life revolves. It has been an year now -- oh, how time flies -- to the day on which he wagged his way into our home. With Masala around, time does fly supersonic. Christened Mistah Masala, and rechristened umpteen times ranging from the Bong iteration of Masala (Moshla) to Leslie's @pixeles_ Guju Buju (God and Baby M knows what that means), the perpetual dude in tux is dressed to... ... Well, to chew bones, play fetch, to go walkie walkie, occupy most part of our bed, attach himself (quite literally) to me or Les, guard the house and his parents (from house lizards, squirrels, suspect visitors and what not), and last but not the least, to make our life complete. . . . .



 image by Sreetama Bagchi (@sreetamabagchi) with caption : "A strangely patterned and yumm tasting buttermilk this morning at Mysore Cafe! 
Statutory Warning: #trypophobics , dont " - 2016572359218900746

My travel junkies! @pixeles_ Our Masala baby instantly took on our adventure streak ever since he joined his new pack. It is such a pleasure watching him get excited from the moment we start packing his stuff into his travel kit. Then the way he sniffs every magical fragrance there is in nature, mostly to bring back home as memories I guess, treks with us in unknown territories fearlessly, enjoys the waits at roadside dhabas patiently, makes new human friends everywhere he goes, who fall in love with him instantly, it is quite a sight. Guess, we were all meant to travel together, feel so deeply about each other, become and be one whole unit after all. . . . .

 image by Sreetama Bagchi (@sreetamabagchi) with caption : "ऎ साला
अभी अभी हुआ यक़ीन 
की आग है मुझ में कही
हुई सुबह मैं जल गया
सूरज को मैं निगल गया...
#goat" - 2013956023192093106

ऎ साला अभी अभी हुआ यक़ीन की आग है मुझ में कही हुई सुबह मैं जल गया सूरज को मैं निगल गया... @greenpeopleind . . . .