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They went through it all together I haven’t edited them in literally 5 months 😳 ac// kuteaudios dt// @xlydiadavis @mybeacon.hills @bettyparkers @pxraep @lovetwcast @xweremalia @dylobren @wolvestark


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HAPPY BDAY TO THIS CUTIE !! He deserves sm better than this trash edit I rushed it so bad 😳 ac// me [archiving later]


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I really won’t ever be over them.. plz don’t let this flop it took way to long ac// astrologcy

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~ M. _____Stilinski ^^meme^^ ac// drizzyaudios

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Brothers ac// lcviathanaudios [repost] im sick and miserable but they still got me smilin :))

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I have a problem.. I really can’t stop editing them it’s unhealthyyy ac// drizzyaudios rly wanted to make an edit similar to the edits that I watched b4 I even started editing so this is inspired by sooo many people (@/endiessly @/aechanting @/lusciousflow👋 @/wundrous n a ton more that I’m forgetting )

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goofballs 🤪 this is ugly af but got nothin else to post so enjoyyyyy ac// galsaudios

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‘howl if you need us’ missed them for 365 days n counting i know 2 posts in a day crazyyy

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It’s officially September 24 here meaning one year ago we said goodbye to @teenwolf - I actually remember that day so clearly I cried.... a lot 😂 it sounds insane getting so worked up over a show with a name like tw- but it helped me through a lot maybe that’s the reason it’s still such a vital piece of my life.. anywayyy enough of that sappy stuff I got another 1 min long edit for it I’ll post later tonight :)) ac// wheresmisha ib// ^^^

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‘what do you fear most?’ rm of 1 of my old edits (how many of u guys remember the og edit??) ac// teleschxpaudios ig messed up the second voice over rip

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she has my heart ac// galsaudios Thank youuu guyss so much for 6k!!! I can’t put in words how happy I am!!!

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‘tyler without dylan is just sad and depressed.. and hungry for his love’ ac// allonsyaudios 100% archiving later

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baby i loved you first absolutely no hate on stalia ac// my.audixs hate this sm but got nothin else to post

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they owned the show ac// anvictus the quality will be the downfall of this edit 💀

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my biggest uwu !!! ac// infincteaudios

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we love a scrap 😍 ac// allonsyaudios [still trying out posting times :P]

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does this sound like a helicopter? (^^ any of y’all get that?? 😂) ac// galsaudios [repost trying out new posting times again]

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none like *him* this is uglyy sry I haven’t edited them in a bit ac// stefanelijah