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Bio I’m so not creative enough to come up with a cool bio...

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For Lydia... miss them a lot lately fucjdhfgj ac// grandaudios dt// my stydia rant buddies 🥰 n... anna dgshjst the intro makes me cringe but i needa post sooooo



tw’s best villain says hi ac// kuteaudios it’s been a hot min since i edited vo!d whew..



seeing what isn’t there ~ ac// xadoregb lost insp in the middle of working on this n it shows fjfghd


here’s a scrap while i work on smthing actually decent lmao ac// ib// stavsedits


They definitely stole my heart 🤷‍♀️ also b4 y’all attack me it’s a friendship edit nothing more- dt// Grace have the best birthday everrrrr!!! Ilyyyyyy ❤️ ac// basicallyperaltiago


y must u make me laugh so much it’s bad enough we get along so well just say.. dt// grace (thanks 4 helping w/ the audio dbshsj) michelle n sid ❤️ ac// astraudios really wanted to edit that clip so the intro is a result of that- IM DONE W/ MISSING SCENES FOR AWHILE NOW HDHDJS


HAPPY LATE BDAY GABI ~ since ur scallison edits make me cry on the daily here u go :)) dt// gabi obvi- hope u had a great bday !!! ac// rm of aenoia


stiles n lydia putting each others needs b4 their own a thread: ac// v.oidgrande on sc intro was ib one of my old manips i found recently... enjoy the missing scene !!! don’t let it flop??


STU U OWN MY HEARTTT 🥰🥰 dt// alexia anna n grace !!! n everyone else who loves this qt ac// drizzyaudios This is so rushed... Do i care? not rly hdhsjsk


break up w/ ur boyfriend; i’m bored get clickbaited 😋😋 ac// fvll apart on sc dt// alexia & grace


ITS THIS ANGELS BDAY also still waiting for that ‘alli a saves the day’ spin off.. mtv step up ur game smh.. ac// mxntgomxry


100 episodes later still the strongest bond on the show.. dt// LAYLA, anna, grace, alexia 💕 this is so choppy n dark i’m-


2 years since they got their much deserved endgame 👏 ac// my.audixs


*muAH DID IT ANYWAY appreciating their dorky side cuz i’ve slept on it for the past 11 months 🤷‍♀️ ac// pengaudios dt// M congrats on finishing ur long af essay gshsjsj !! U cant see it but i’m celebrating 4 u rn !!


we need a reunion in 2019 that’s it on that... ac// kuteaudios


~ let me give ur heart a break ~ dt// hbd michelle !!! surprise? go eat a bunch of tacos n have the best day !!


ITZ OFFICIALLY MY BIRTHDAY !?! celebrating w/ my fav girl 🥰 ^^^ ac: lydiainskis


☀️ this is trash but she isn’t ac//kuteaudios