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My first ever spoken word collaboration with my dear friend @k.a.asiedu. Check him out! Many thanks to you Mr K. for putting our piece together and basically doing all the work 😂 so talented and so kind. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed being a part of it 😊 and I reeeeeally enjoyed this. I reccommend you all work with this gentleman! ~~~~ DEEP WITHIN ~~~~ Deep within my skin, you've burrowed and planted your dreams. Stolen wishes with frayed seams. ~ Yet here I lay, by your side, in the tide of your wistful whispers shatter. By their gleam, I am not yours to be enslaved. Yet, I am your prey. & still, as the water, here, by your side, is where I lay. ~ Further into your rapture I am swayed. from your clouded symphonies, I can't escape. Your promises swell and crash in waves. Still, by your side, is where I lay. ~ From your dreams, I've burrowed, deep within your sin.  I'm the light that streams through the collapsed wings of broken wishes,  and still, through me, you are the kaleidoscope to my beam. ~~~~

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This Friday May 25th Ireland will hold a referendum on whether to Repeal the 8th amendment of our Constitution, which currently criminalises abortion in Ireland, with women facing up to 14 years in prison. ~~~~ What you do with your body should always be your choice. But in Ireland our women don't have a voice. ~ Its takes two to have sex, two to make a mistake. Yet if the man wants he can just walk away? While as a woman, for us both I must bear the weight? Or I'm seen as a criminal in the eyes of the state. ~ Not that it would be an easy choice to make. ~ But you see, choice, that is the key. Right now that choice isn't offered to me. I'm told though shit! You made your bed, lie in it. ~ Doesn't matter if you're poor or if you're unfit, who the father is, or the life you wished to live. You're the one with the womb. Deal with it. ~ Cos our childcare is so cheap and our benefits so great, Of course we will be taken care of by the state. ~ What a beautiful Republic. So forward thinking. Where a rapist gets seven years, the rape victim fouteen. If she dares to exercise the right to her own body. ~ It's not for you judge the decisions others make. I'm not asking you to agree, Just don't take their choice away. So on May 25th Repeal the 8th. And let us each decide our own fate. ~

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Unladylike: "Not appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman." Oxford English Dictionary ~~~~~ ~~~~~ That's unladylike they said, shut your mouth, bow your head. ~ Wipe that lipstick off your face. Look at you, complete disgrace. ~ Why don't you do what you've been told? I'll hear it echo till I'm old, that I'm the best girl. A child in their eyes. Cos I don't have a cock, not one of the guys. ~ ...I've just a useless uterus... that can bear life... ~ Can't wear a skirt if it's high up my thighs! What would people think? "What a slut", "so unwise!" ~ Well let me tell you this, I'm sick of their shit, and I'll curse if I want, and I'll mouth off a bit. And I'll wear that damn skirt, and I'll paint my fucking lips. And I'll still be "decorous", still not asking for it. ~ And I won't care about the misogynistic bullshit they say... I never wanted to be a fucking lady anyway. ~