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I’ve been finding plenty of uses for these bungees by @theperfectbungee it wasn’t until I started using these that I actually enjoyed using bungee cords. The fact that they are adjustable is huge for me!

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Checking out the newest generation of electric weed whips from ego. I was surprised at how powerful this thing was. It is powered off of a backpack battery which may seem cumbersome, but after wearing it it really wasn’t. In the genius is as soon as you’re done weed whipping you just unplug that tool and plug your battery back into whatever you need next. @egopowerplus #

Check this out! I had never seen or even heard of theses before GIE this year. I think the concept is great but I’m skeptical on operation. I would love to play with one of these for a few days to see how it handles! Have you used a tela-skid before? @jcbmachines

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Here’s something you don’t see every day... The thing that shocked me was we didn’t snap the cheap non-name brand socket. Looks like my snap-on is more like snap-off @snapon_official

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 image by Tool In-Hand Construction. (@tool_in_hand_construction) with caption : "Tonight’s project is rear brakes on a 1977 dodge scamper camper. That means my knipex tools are coming out! Seriously lo" - 1912811719735283942
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Tonight’s project is rear brakes on a 1977 dodge scamper camper. That means my knipex tools are coming out! Seriously love these pliers. @knipex_official @snapon_official @snapon_toolsforlife @mactools38

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Looks like the monkeys over at @stanley_dirtmonkey_genadek are having a hard time figuring out how to operate stihl’s new leaf blower.... I guess they are really just actors..... 😂 on a serious note, that side start is a huge feature in this industry and I can’t wait to try one out! @zander_weyrick @stihl

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This is makita’s new top handled chainsaw. This is a prototype and the main difference between this and the top handled saw they have now is the batteries. This is dual battery instead of the single their current version has. The advantage is longer run time and more power! I’ve been really impressed with the battery chainsaws coming to the market in the past few years. You can tell a noticeable difference with each saw. As a home owner or a company who needs a saw for small jobs I’m beginning to think a battery saw would suffice. @makitatools

 image by Tool In-Hand Construction. (@tool_in_hand_construction) with caption : "Meanwhile here in Minnesota I’m out checking out mowing accounts 😂😂😂😂 does the weather have you in a scramble? #Minnesot" - 1911058726870518388
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Meanwhile here in Minnesota I’m out checking out mowing accounts 😂😂😂😂 does the weather have you in a scramble?

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Winter is coming, that means I’m getting my logging gear ready. I prefer to do tree work in the winter because of temperature and because everything is more open. What is your favorite chainsaw? @husqvarnausa

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Soon this will be the sight on all of our streets and highways. Are you ready for the winter season?

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I think someone needs a @dttachmfg leaf plow. 😂 on a serious note. When I first started “plowing” leaves I was just a kid on a lawn tractor with a snow blade. I had no idea it was an actual thing. Now that I’m in the industry “plow” all my large yards because it’s way faster than mulching and bagging them. What do you guys do on your larger accounts? @thetorocompany

 image by Tool In-Hand Construction. (@tool_in_hand_construction) with caption : "Putting the perfect bungee to use in the back of my truck. So far so good, I’m excited to see how it does being out in t" - 1906907020750315640
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Putting the perfect bungee to use in the back of my truck. So far so good, I’m excited to see how it does being out in the elements for an extended period of time. @theperfectbungee @surecanusa

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Here is a look at makita’s brand new paddle broom. If you know me and Stan, you know how much we love our paddle brooms. So naturally we were both stoked to see this. While it doesn’t have quite as much Power is a gas one, this machine surprised me. We were running it on carpet sweep in cardboard and it actually did a really good job. I would love to take this out on what job site and see just how good this actually works. What are your thoughts? @makitatools

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The wait is over! Everyone has been anxiously waiting to hear why @stanley_dirtmonkey_genadek got kicked out of Scag at GIE. You see it here first folks! I guess scag wasn’t fond of how Stanley checks suspension.... we all know that having a quality suspension set up on your mower is crucial. 😂😂 @osha_is_this_ok

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That takes some serious skill! Not to mention how fast that dump truck is. I wish all my jobs went as easy as this looks. 😂👌🏻

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It seems like I can never get everything perfectly secure. Having stuff slide around whether it’s in my truck on the tractor or on the ATV. And I’m sure we can all agree that straps aren’t always right for the job or they’re just cumbersome and inconvenient. My default is bungee cords. I love bungee cords but I had a really hard time finding bungee cords that will do what I want them to do. I think I finally have found a company that makes the bungee cord that is adaptable to just about any situation. They are made by @theperfectbungee and so far I am super impressed with them!

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I’m sure you guys have seen the mulch made all over social media in the past few weeks. But if you haven’t check this out! If you do mulch on a large scale or other landscaping products. Load wheelbarrows or directly onto the ground faster and more efficiently with this machine! Check them out at @mulchmateusa