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Cosplay πŸ‡ Casual 🦊 Petplay (@topcattails) Instagram Profile Photo topcattails

Cosplay πŸ‡ Casual 🦊 Petplay

Bio Worldwide from UK Customs: Read highlight πŸ¦„ FREE goodie bags with every orderπŸ™ˆ Questions on shipping and custom orders can only be answered on Etsy

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Cosplay πŸ‡ Casual 🦊 Petplay (@topcattails) Instagram photos and videos

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Coconut cosplay by @kasumikat 😍 It's so perfect! Who else is a nekopara fan? I've played the first one, I really liked the art style. @kasumikat pulled this off so well πŸ€—


Brown and pink Spring tail for ostara 🌸 This cutie will be up for grabs at 9pm tonight. If you want matching ears, message us on our Etsy with what animal you would like (kitten, fox, etc) πŸ’– The flowers are removable ^.^ 23" long.


Hello cuties!! As promised, new bunny ears will be up for grabs later today πŸ™ˆ These cuties are pink and grey with airbrushing, removable bows, crystals, hoops and roses 🌹 A matching tail can be added upon request, either a large or standard size πŸ’• Along with the calico set, these will be up at 9pm tonight UK time. Β£50, add-ons are included ^.^


Calico kitten set! 😻 This set will be listed and will be available to grab tomorrow. The tail is fully wired and is 20" long, and the ears are posable and adjustable and come with removable bows and piercings. It will be Β£44.50 and has on the day/next day dispatch πŸ˜„ I also have something to talk about.. As some of you will know, Gareth is no longer working with us. We have taken the last couple of weeks to re-adjust, and we're still adjusting. Tracy has been unable to work outside of fullfilling custom orders because it has only been her, since I live at Uni and Gareth is no longer with us. This explains why I have been inactive. But! We are taking on James, our family friend, full time. With James's skills and dedication, we've been able to start picking things up again slowly. Tomorrow this set will be up, and some bunny ears which I'll be posting later! Thank you for your patience and sticking with us πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’– Set release: 30th March, 9pm UK time.


Scorbunny preview 😍 This is Tracy's take on the new starter pokemon, it will be up for grabs tomorrow at 9pm UK time! The ears are sewn instead of glued for the plush, kawaii cosplay effect πŸ™ˆ I'm so excited about this set!! The full set will be Β£45 πŸ˜„πŸ’–

 carousel by Cosplay πŸ‡ Casual 🦊 Petplay (@topcattails) with caption : "Good morning beautiful people! πŸ€— This is the  pride set I announced on my story πŸ™ˆ It's been a while since Tracy has done" - 1997904320841994228

Good morning beautiful people! πŸ€— This is the pride set I announced on my story πŸ™ˆ It's been a while since Tracy has done a pride set, the last one being I believe?^.^ I love how pastel this set turned out, with the rainbow ribbons and pastel stripes like the flag 😍🌈 QUESTION!⚠️ For premade sets, would you prefer it if I listed them onto our Etsy at set times (like usually its 9pm) or should I upload them as I post them on Instagram? Or, should I post and then wait a day before listing? Listing this tonight at 9pm UK time! Β£53


Just dropped! Steampunk fox set is available now on my Etsy πŸ˜„ The photos really don't do this set justice tbh, if only cameras could pick up the real details πŸ˜– The tail is 29 inches long, and the full set is Β£62 ^.^

 image by Cosplay πŸ‡ Casual 🦊 Petplay (@topcattails) with caption : "Sneak peak of tonight's release set 😍 Its been a while since we've done something Steampunk πŸ™ˆ" - 1994284949813045880

Sneak peak of tonight's release set 😍 Its been a while since we've done something Steampunk πŸ™ˆ

 image by Cosplay πŸ‡ Casual 🦊 Petplay (@topcattails) with caption : "Seriously love this photo by @puddingchix 😍 It's the perfect layout and makeup for her ice bear ears πŸ’™ Thank you for sha" - 1993673562325568225

Seriously love this photo by @puddingchix 😍 It's the perfect layout and makeup for her ice bear ears πŸ’™ Thank you for sharing πŸ˜„


Ragtime kitten set will be available to buy tonight for made to order πŸ’™ Β£38 for the full set, and the tail is 20inches. As its a made to order set you can add more inches to your tail with the add on listing, as the longer the tail is, the more swishy it is πŸ€— We start the majority of our tails at 20" long so it is affordable for everyone, but the length is customisable ^.^


18+ READERS ONLY. Over the last couple of days a few people have asked about our plugs - and how they are attached. Someone asked if we used glue πŸ€” I can reassure you that we do not use glue, and the plugs are easily removable as they are tied on with the ribbon we provide.Our plugs are manufactured insured so keep the packaging, we are not allowed to tamper with the design (hence no glue). You can tie them on with a bow knott, so if in emergencies you can remove yourself from the tail and then the plug also. Of course we cannot guarantee full safety as what happens in a scene and how safe or risky it is depends on the participants, but we have made it as safe as possible on our end for you. Please be sure to use lubricant if you decide to use a plug. We have quite a few choices and I ordered a new batch today, silver metal ones with a clear crystal base. For our metal ones and candy heart ones, you tie the ribbon around the middle thin bit, for the rest of the silicone ones, you tie it through the hole at the top. I'm not sure why there has been a sudden influex of messages about the plugs, but I hope this has addressed it for anyone else who is concerned as I understand the intimacy of them πŸ’œ Please do be assured that ours are easily removable so you are in full control! Thank you πŸ€—


Lilipup Pokemon custom set 😍 The customer asked for the tail to be more similar to a bear's ❀ I love more realistic takes on cartoon and anime creatures πŸ™ˆ Customs similar to this are encouraged! We love it πŸ‘Œ


(AVAILABLE NOW) This is the last set that we will ever make using the pride fur 😭 This fur doesn't get made anymore, and we only have enough left for a pair of ears. :( I'll be listing this one tonight at 9pm along with the celestial kitten set. I'm so sad we can't use this fur anymore because its so bright and soft 😭😭


SOLD. Celestial kitten set 🌌 It reminds me of a pastel space mermaid! 😍 Tracy made this today with the pastel galaxy fur, and the ears are the thin seamed airbrushed style πŸ’– The ears are fully adjustable and posable, and they can be moved up and down the headband. Releasing these at 9pm UK time tomorrow (Friday 22nd Feb). What do you think? Should we do more celestial themed sets? 😱 (Price-Β£62.50, tail is 22")


Giveaway prize pagan ears for @ghostdroplets 😍 she also ordered a matching tail!


SOLD! Release set 😍 (Swipe for close ups) Tracy has re-designed the puppy ears, and this is the final product! What do you think? 🌈 This beautiful set will be released tonight at 9pm, so in just over an hour from this post 😍 Also! A few create your own kitten ears will be going up!


SOLD. This is the second bunny set being dropped tonight at 9pm (just over an hour now😱). This set is baby pink and white, with cerise pink bows and ribbon. There are also diamonte crystals and a golden chain and hoop. The bows have golden hearts and gold bells 😍 Imagine the jingle sound when you walk πŸ‘Œ Since Tracy's health has improved, she's been able to embrace her creativity again and I'm loving it 😭 So this and the lilac candy floss set will drop on my Etsy at 9pm, in just over an hour from posting this πŸ€— Which is your favourite? 😍


SOLD. Lilac Candy floss bunny set 😍 It comes with a purple ribbon tie, and two removable purple bows and six clear diamonte crystals πŸ’œ The ears are fully posable and adjustable! There's only one available. Release is tonight at 9pm UK time! Keep your eye out for the next post today, because there's another bunny set coming πŸ‘€ I'm so excited to see what you guys think! Do you like this style of bunny ears? 🐰