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 image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "Zending it @tordrilloheli last winter with @chrisrasman! @quiksilver hosting Truffle Pigs... coming soon... 📸 @fotomaxiz" - 1896399977955778900
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Zending it @tordrilloheli last winter with @chrisrasman! @quiksilver hosting Truffle Pigs... coming soon... 📸 @fotomaxizoomdweebie


Jackson, Wyoming Report Share Download 33 2.55K

🗝 THIS MAGIC LITTLE POTION HERE CAN DO GREAT THINGS! 🖖🏼 up for the @joanofsparc Kickstarter Campaign, Almost over!... . Years back my lady @evan1mack started making mystical beard oil from the finest ingredients and testing it on the Bearded Brethren that passed through our house each year like @ejackshreds, @patmoore, @johnjamun @bryaniguchi and @marklandvik, when he had a fur biscuit on his chin, just to name a few. Yes some of the biggest beards in boarding. She ended up naming it 🦁Noble Mane🦁 and it became legend! Thinking I had struck it rich, I waited for her to go Global, to my dismay she decided to put her time into something “of much more substance” and started down the path with her sisters to bring Joan Of Sparc to Fruition! This bottle is the last of the sample round from so many years ago. I begged and pleaded for her to create the actual batch along with everyone else who was lucky enough to get a whiff, and now, as a perk to support their Kickstarter Campaign IT WILL LIVE AGAIN! If they can meet their goal. So my dudes, order some damn beard oil for the cause! I promise it is the best you have ever come across, or I’ll trade you back an Orca for it! Also works to just wear like an essential oil or cologne. Jojoba Oil base! Link in Bio! Only 4 days left! Those who have copped a sniff let’s get a review here! Will come fully finished and labeled! Will last a LONG time- hints Vetiver and Tobacco along with some 20+ other ingredients... 💧


 image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "Italy here we come... @skullcandy thanks for the in flight Old Fashion and New Venue - Noise Canceling happy time ear pi" - 1892451884046722194
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Italy here we come... @skullcandy thanks for the in flight Old Fashion and New Venue - Noise Canceling happy time ear pillows...

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Couple of Dimes! You see our film Depth Perception yet!? Link in Bio . . Set to the magical sounds from @kishi_bashi and the epic scenics of @cmh_heli Galena and Made possible by @quiksilver @gopro @redbull @dcshoes. See you in the forest. Shot by @jtaylorsmith

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You can SERIOUSLY crank a turn on this E-Foil... Been pretty impressed how hard you can lay this thing over! I have only been able to do it at half throttle so far.. Last week with Epic combo of Fall Colors and snow. @liftfoils hats off to the engineering in this thing! @quiksilver @jacksonhole @fotomaxizoomdweebie thanks for snapping some pics between mountain bike rides!

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Thanks for featuring my @quiksilver stretch Jacket @twsnow. This thing was my Winter Armor last season. Built for everything, easy to move in, light, wind proof and warm. . . This super unique Gap Jump was from @tordrilloheli last season. Dropping the Truffle Pigs edit about it soon through Quik... @fotomaxizoomdweebie 📸

 Instagram Image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "Well this should be fun... @liftfoils magic carpet rides of the future... check my fist try in story😂" at A-OK Corral Horseback Rides - 1885877634279633379

Well this should be fun... @liftfoils magic carpet rides of the future... check my fist try in story😂

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@joanofsparc just Launched on Kickstarter... It is amazing to me how some things are just meant to be. My Lady @evan1mack and her two partners @cielawynter @sarahengelhart333 embarked on this journey that has become JOS almost 2 years ago. For it to come to fruition right now, in such an important time in the feminine conversation, I love it. I have heard the term Year of the Woman used a lot lately and the shifts that we are seeing play out in society right now, gives me so much hope for the future that I know to be attainable. Including my own, deeper than ever, self inquiry. Now is the time! This project that I have witnessed from its inception is built around accountability, self inquiry, and a Guru Free philosophy that aims at using technology to authentically connect and empower women everywhere. As a man, I feel the result of this company taking off will be the resounding echo of an epic reminder to stop, go within, and practice discernment from my/our own True Self. . . So, to all my DUDES out there that have a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, partner, bff, etc. CAN I get a 🖖🏼 in support of this! And to all the woman out there... We believe in you! I implore you to back this Kickstarter campaign so that they can finish building out their web platform and interactive in Bio

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A walk through the woods can often improve your mood... taking my @libtechnologies Orca for a walk... @GoPro

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I’ve always known where you draw your inspiration from... Happy Birthday @evan1mack, you make the world a much more beautiful place.

Incredible weekend watching two of my favorite humans get married in front of an amazing group of love and support, officiated by @tbirdley! @patmoore and @chelsie_steg_moore you are inspirations in your honest, humble and selfless approach to life, family and friendship! I know you are going the distance, that is with your dog Murph’s help, and the kind words that showered you two all weekend is probably just a thin New Hampshire Maple Glaze of what the people that know you really think. Chelsie, your the best thing that ever happened to him, I mean 2nd to myself pressuring him into riding my snowmobile across a lake! @eddiewall I loved your poem and Bridges, I want to see your story made into a screenplay, which in proper New Hampshire style, ended with the groom having to shotgun a beer before his vows😂... @blattphoto thanks for nailing the moments!📸!