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Bio ERYT-500 and creator of @highenergyfusionyoga. $8.00 studio classes! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for free yoga classes and tutorials! Link below👇🏼

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❗️Sound On🤣❗️Ever get so relaxed in yoga that you fall asleep? I have 🙋🏼‍♀️ Today’s last pose is Sleeping Yogi aka Yoginidrasana. This is a tough pose and I have posted a fun and accessible modification using a strap in my story. Thank you for following along on our little adventure through poses and sequences to help you on your journey to greater health and fitness! Super special thanks to all my talented co-hosts and sponsors. We will be posting winners next week! In the meantime I’ll be chilling in all the Alosoft from @aloyoga’s new holiday collection. Check it out! More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

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Today’s pose Fallen Angel. I decided to show you the entry from a revolved toe stand. Once I get the side of my head on the floor, I lift my bottom foot first, press into my hands and the side of my head to float my legs upward. I haven’t done this in a while and it was super fun to revisit it. Feeling angelic in @aloyoga ‘s new Cloud and Nectar Alosoft. The collection is available now so go scoop up some comfy soft things! More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes @alonewyork

We are coming down to the final stretches of the challenge! Today’s pose is Kapotasana. It’s a super tough pose on those of us without a bendy back, but not worries, I have tricks! Using blocks to elevate and extend the hips is a great way to experience the stretch of this pose without the stress. The only tricky part is finding the sweet spot in the sacrum to lean against the blocks. (Notice it took me a second too) Then I lay back over the blocks and work on getting my forearms to the floor. 💥 Boom 💥 Pose done, you have experienced a version of Kapotasana. If you then feel ready to try the whole thing I recommend you start in reclined Hero’s Pose and then bring your hands back back by your ears and press up onto the crown of your head. Keep pressing down and sliding your head towards your feet until you feel you’ve gone as far as you can. Then slide your forearms onto the ground d and crawl your fingertips towards your toes. Know what comes next? Victory dance! Hope this helps! Enjoy! Always wearing @aloyoga More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Today’s challenge is side or front split. I have done a couple of videos during this challenge incorporating the front split so today I decided to focus on the side split. Thank you for all the positive comments on these videos! It really warms my heart to know that I’m somehow adding value to your knowledge. This video is broken up into two sections in the first section we work on strengthening the glutes and outer hips. Lifting the hips and extending the leg is surprisingly hard and so are the wall 90/90’s so go easy! The second part of the video includes inner thigh (adductor) stretches. The combination makes for a more even and pain free center split that can one day help you find your chest on the floor. Notice nothing is “just” stretching. In order to become more mobile you must combine both! Have fun! More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Dancer pose for today’s challenge. For years my leg felt too heavy to lift in dancer pose. Lots of quad and hip flexor stretching have really helped in this department, but if you are still struggling I invite you to try this supported dancer variation. You can use blocks to customize the height of your rear leg, or maybe a bench or couch. If flipping your grip still feels like too much, don’t do it! Use a strap or keep your arm extended. With patience and practice improvement will come. 🙏🏼Dancing in and out of frame in all @aloyoga More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Today’s pose is Wheel Pose. Mobility and stretching are hard to stick to if you can’t see the relevance to your practice. Building shoulder strength range of motion with strap stretches, while activating the quads sets the body up nicely for wheel pose. The second prep I do for Wheel is Couch pose. With my heels under my glutes I feel a very deep quad stretch. I am then ready to go for Wheel. If you would like to try picking up one hand, watch this video till the end for a little trick! Sliding your supporting hand to the center can take a lot of the strain and wobbly-ness our of a one handed wheel. Lastly, rising up onto fingertips is also a great way to deepen the stretch and extend the hips more in this pose. Enjoy! Wearing @aloyoga (always!) More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Today’s pose is Pyramid pose. I always take pyramid pose as a dynamic stretch to help prepare my hamstrings for more intense forward folds or splits. I love to involve core work into the things I do, so pull on your socks 🧦, grab some blocks and try these sliding pyramid transitions. Great for strength, flexibility, and even building press muscles. I am wearing @aloyoga’s new holiday line. This Alosoft fabric is amazing and I now live in it! Head over to and sign up for their news letter for early access. More options for awesomeness on the pages of my co-hosts @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Day 5 of the Challenge is all the tricks for Bow Pose! It doesn’t matter if you are super bendy or struggle with range of motion in this pose, everyone can benefit from these exercises to strengthen the extensor muscles of the back. Think of it as tummy time for adults! This video is sped up X 2 so take your time and move with your breath. 1. Back extensions with a friend, (that’s my hubby in the vid) 2. A lovely assisted cobra pose 3. 1/2 Frog pose the get the quads stretched and involved. 4. Using blocks to activate the shoulders and extensors again (keep your reps low, this is tough) 5. 1/2 Bow Pose 6. Bow Pose 7. Half bow with flip grip (I took a break between sides in child’s pose) 8. Rocking Chair-hold your bow shape and practice a move that could become popular at weddings! 9. Use straps to flip your grip. Be sure to check in with my other cohosts and don’t forget to tag us all for the entire challenge! @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Want to get stronger in side lunges, splits, and straddle inversions? Develop your control and inner thigh muscles! Pull on your socks and ditch your mat for today’s pose: Side Lunge. Sliding the leg out and in is a whole different world for your legs and core. Use your hands to support yourself into Gate Pose, or Skandasana with a bind, or try to do this hands free 😱 Coming up off the floor is definitely the most challenging so remember to breathe! Getting stronger and more stable in your practice will translate into better flexibility and less injury! Give it a try and let me know what you think🙌🏼🙌🏼 Be sure to check in with my beautiful co-hosts to see what they decided on for this pose. @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Day 3 of the pose is Supta padangusthasana (Reclined Hand-To-Big-Toe pose). This pose is another tough one on the hamstrings so try doing some lunges, rocking pyramids, and strap stretches before you try it. It is also important to engage the core when doing this posture so wake it up with a boat pose pose or two and some leg lifts. Now that you are nice and warm you can use this pose to transition to full split. Yes a victory dance is necessary! I am wearing the gorgeous new ☁️Cloud ☁️ color from the upcoming @aloyoga holiday collection. Head over to sign up for VIP early access and be sure to check in with my beautiful co-hosts to see what they have cooking for this pose. @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa Our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Today’s challenge pose is Pigeon pose. The best part of pigeon is that it is a fantastic outer hip opener that can relieve hip and even back pain. There are many versions of pigeon and here I am showing you some warm up stretches for flying pigeon. First if you have never done spinning pigeons you are really missing out. The second is a floating pigeon with your shins across your forearms. After you get situated extend the other leg back, tuck your toes under and lift the back knee. Third up is a little pigeon + core exercise because you need an active core for the flying arm balance. Fourth: Flying pigeon. From funky chair lean forward, get your hands to the floor and bend your elbows. Wrap the top of your foot around the outside of your upper arm. Press the ground away and round your back. Practice picking up your foot first, then practice lift the knee, then try flying. Hips high and breathing strong. Enjoy! Tomorrow is reclined hand to foot pose! Check out my amazing Co-hosts and sponsors! @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa 3. Follow our generous sponsors: @aloyoga (always wearing their awesome clothes) @alo.moves @bendy_babes

Today’s challenge pose is Wide Leg Forward Fold aka Prasarita Padottanasana. This pose is a doozy on the hamstrings, so I recommend entering it with movement. In my head I am listening to 90’s dance hall as I bend one knee and then the other. 🤣🤣I add a little stanky leg lunge to facilitate internal and external rotation and then rise up onto tip toes to get my calves involved. Movement is key to muscular activation! Once your muscles are activated they will safely lengthen to a point where you can comfortably stretch. Comfort is the operative word. Yanking yourself into postures, (even relatively simple ones) works AGAINST gaining flexibility. If you feel pain in a pose, you have gone too far in. Get creative wherever you are. Try the variations of Prasarita shown here if you like, or maybe take your Prasarita into a tripod headstand and inversion. The posture is a great transition pose, but should be treated with respect for its load on your hamstrings. Have fun getting more flexy! Remember for this awesome challenge: Follow all hosts: @yoga_ky @angelakukhahnyoga @victoria.arvizu @aleksic_twins @aria.official @asanavanessa 3. Follow our generous sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @bendy_babes 4. Post one daily picture or video of the given pose! You must finish all poses in order to be eligible to win. 😊 5. Tag all hosts and sponsor in your daily challenge posts. 🙏🏻 6. Make sure that your IG profile is set to public and that you use the hashtag in your posts so that we can see your pics! 😉 List of poses for those of you who like to plan ahead (feel free to do any variation 😊): 1. Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend) 2. Pigeon Pose 3. Supta padangusthasana (Reclined Hand-To-Big-Toe pose) 4. Side lunge 5. Bow 6. Pyramid pose 7. Wheel 8. Dancer 9. Hanumanasana or Straddle split 10. Kapotasana 11. Fallen angel 12. Yoganidrasana (Yogic Sleep pose)