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Bio 😃 Stories can make people smile. YouTube • ZachKingVine 🎥Watch My New YouTube Vid ⬇️

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Couch Potato or Couch GENIUS?! Comment below. I’m still working out some of the kinks… @Nerf @Target w/ @ChazSmith


Irvine, California Report Share Download 2.8K 645.01K

Is it just me or do couches seem to eat everything? What are the top things you lose in your couch? Mine are socks, coins and the tv remote.


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Never get in a MAGIC 🎩 DUEL with @jackblack . He picked up some new tricks while making his upcoming movie with @realeliroth @owenvaccaro. See who wins in the FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. 👉Link in Bio👈

Meet my second son! 👶🏼 - So proud of my wife @rachelmking for being the best momma in the world!

Asheville, North Carolina Report Share Download 2.81K 637.61K

Do you think I will be fired for losing my boss’ coffee? ☕️Watch the full magical short film on YouTube - Link in Bio. 🏞Thanks to the City of Asheville, North Carolina for letting us film in your beautiful city!

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Is it a sin to sleep in church? ⛪️ Comment below what you think.

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I wonder if I could use to win the - Watch the full video by clicking the link in my profile. ⚽️🤔

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We are having a baby!! Can you guess the name and gender?

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Do you know how many Rubik's cubes are stacked in this structure? Comment your guys below. 🎥 I had a blast creating a bunch of Rubik's cube themed illusions this weekend which you can watch in my profile link. Enjoy and have a great week!

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The truth behind that one friend who’s crushing it on Instagram. w/ @aaronsanimals and @honorglobal

Next time you can’t fall asleep, try counting sheep. @rachelmking 🐏 😴 💤

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the fast food heist. 🍔🍟